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Ultra High-level Construction Technology


  During the long-term construction practice, our company has accumulated considerable experience in management and also made great progress in science innovation and technology advancement by the application and reserve of serialized ultra high-level construction techniques. The Oriental Pearl Broadcasting& TV Tower and the Jinmao Tower are the typical projects. Facing the constant innovation of buildings and structures, we never stop challenging ourselves. So we are able to master the ultra high-level strength structure construction and giant steel truss overall upgrade technology. Developing the outstanding qualities of perseverance, fighting, innovation and the spirit of "Shanghai No.1 Construction Co., Ltd go in for the best", we finally formed the auto-rise overall template scaffold system which can be separated, reorganized and work on ramps cross-section with self-developed intellectual property and the world's leading standard. It was widely applied in many projects represented by Shimao International Plaza and Shanghai Global Financial Center Tower. Depending on the first-class technology and equipment advantage, the construction of Shanghai Global Financial Center Tower will renew its self-created height record of high-level building construction.

Underground Space Development Technology


  Our company has undertaken many kinds of deep footing groove construction projects. And during the long-term construction practice, we formed series of deep footing groove integrated construction technology in soft-soil ground. The deep footing groove construction of Shanghai Global Financial Center Tower once again breaks the dig-depth record in Shanghai. With the development of Shanghai extending to the underground and space, the development and use of underground space provide us with new arena and expanding direction. Our company has successively and successfully practised the level-separation of the underground station, the construction technology of different methods to dig in separated district and the protection technology for the in-use underground tunnels from deep footing groove construction.  All those technologies have been fully used in the foundation construction projects of Shanghai South Railway Station, Changyang Road Underground Station, Line M8 People Square Station and Kailu Road Station, Shimao International Plaza, New Golden Bridge Plaza and Hongyi Building. Combine with the rapid development of the construction technology, the integration of construction and design have been practiced. We have also promoted the significant progress of reverse routine construction and half-reverse routine construction integrated technology, constantly filled many construction technology blanks and enhanced the technology competitiveness of our company. They have been comprehensively applied in Line M8 People Square Station, underground garage of Shimaobingjiang Garden phase 1 and Yangpu central community phase 1 project. And they have also been improved and used in the two-way synchronization reverse routine ultra high-level construction of Hongkou Shopping Mall.

Large Municipal And Bridge Construction Technology


  Our company actively works to expand the project construction in municipal bridge area, and recently, we have successively undertaken many famous roads and elevated roads projects like 2.4 bid Yan'an Elevated Road, A-2 and A-3.1 bid No.3 State Road and 2.4 bid Middle Ring Road. The construction technologies of Lupu Bridge with the world's widest span, the first sea bridge in our country Donghai Bridge and the Asia No.1 Bamboo Garden sewage treatment plant are all at the leading level, which have further improved the overall competitive strength of our company.


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