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33,Fushan Road, Shanghai

Zip code: 200120

Tel: 021-58885866



  Brief Introduction:

  Decoration Company of Shanghai No. 1 Construction Co., Ltd. is a professional decoration company with First Grade Qualification of architectural decoration design and architectural decoration construction. It also passed the ISO9001 International Qualification System Certification.

  Unswervingly holding the enterprise concept "Harmony-based and Pursuit excellence", the enterprise spirit "Science, cooperation and gumption" and the enterprise core value "Shanghai No.1 Construction Co., Ltd. will go in for the best", Decoration Company tirelessly pursuit the advanced design concept and the perfect unification of scientific management, advanced, unique technologies and the artistry of architectural decoration products. Also, it serves the owners and society heart and soul with the splendid and humanized construction products. In order to build the domestic top decoration brand, Decoration Company puts its emphasis on scientific innovation and personnel training, and keeps pace with the international decoration trend, gradually achieve the manufacture factorilization, processing refinery, and assembly modernization.

  Decoration Company regards the International Quality System as its standard and establishes perfect quality, environmental and occupational health and safety assurance system to ensure that the quality of the products is always in full and tight control in an all-round and wide-coverage way. An experienced highly quality management team, equipped with advanced scientific quality assessment and supervision, as well as a large number of well-trained construction operation personnel who have good work ethics, professional responsibility and professional quality ensures that every decoration product produced by the company can withstand the test of the history and the future generations. The perfect, thoughtful services to the owners remove all their worries and express the responsibility and integrity for a mature contractor to the owners and the society.

  In the intense market competition, Decoration Company holds a large number of design elites, management elites and technical elites. It can depends on its own credibility and strength to take part in the decoration design and work of many symbolic public buildings such as Jin Mao Tower, Plaza 66, Garden Hotel, Orient Pearl Broadcasting& TV Tower, Pudong International Airport, Gym and Art Training Base for Handicapped of China, Shanghai New International Expo Center, F1 International Racing Field, International Shimao Plaza, underground station of Mingzhu Line, Shanghai International Conference Center, Songjiang University Town, 101-floor Global Financial Center, Antigua Medical Center and Hunuatu University. Our services face to many fields like business, education, banking, hotel, sports entertainment and foreign construction. Lots of our projects were rewarded National Luban Prize, Shanghai Baiyulan Prize, Pujiang Cup, Oriental Cup and Shanghai Construction Fine Works.

  Decoration Company of Shanghai No. 1 Construction Co., Ltd. wish to stand on a higher start point to create new works, based in Shanghai, faced to the country and go towards the world in the progress of the new development.

  Professional Qualification
First Grade Qualification of architectural decoration design

  Public Building
Beitai Telecommunication Building
Shanghai People's Congress Office Building decoration project
Bank of Transportation Financial Building indoor decoration project
88-floor tourism hall of Jinmao Tower
Second decoration of Shanghai Information Building floor 40 and 41
Western Office Building indoor decoration project

  Well-decorated Residential Area
Shuiqingmuhua Apartment
Xin Tian Di 117 Cuihu Apartment
Xuhui Yuan indoor decoration project Building C1 and C3
Guansheng Garden Oriental Garden
Tianbaoluzhou Residential Area
New Band Garden Zhongwen Apartment
Shanghai Fengjing Yuan phase 1 and phase 2 decorations
Tangchen Villa phase 2
Tangchen Villa phase 3

  Hotel and Entertainment
Central Hotel decoration project
An Ting Villa Hotel
Si Ji Hotel
Alteration of Silk Road Hotel
Yong Le Cinema decoration project

Shanghai Transportation University Medical Building
East China Normal University Comprehensive Building
Shanghai Aviation Medical Training Center

Zhongshan Hospital
Five Organs (eye ear nose throat mouth) Hospital
Pudong Medical Center
Antigua Medical Center indoor decoration

  Underground and Airport
Mingzhu Line phase 2 Changyang Road Station and Yangshupu Road Station decoration projects
Alteration project of Line 1 Shanghai South Railway Station

  Repaired and Alteration Project
Shanghai Hongkou District State Administration of  Taxation indoor decoration works
Alteration project of Julu Building


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