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33,Fushan Road, Shanghai

Zip code: 200120

Tel: 021-58885866



  The only one enterprise in the field of national construction industry to win both the State Enterprise Management Medal (Golden Horse Prize) and the China's Enterprise with Remarkable Management Contribution Award.

State Quality Management Prize
One of the 500 largest construction enterprises in China
State Model Quality-Benefit Construction Enterprise
Outstanding Construction Management Modernization Enterprise
State Excellent Construction Enterprise
State Outstanding Project Quality Management Enterprise
National Enterprise with Customers' Satisfaction
State Outstanding Ideological and Political Work Enterprise
National Construction System Spiritual Advanced Enterprise
GB/T19001-ISO9001 Quality System Certification
National Labor Day Certificate of Merit
State Outstanding Equipment Management Enterprise
Construction Pioneer
Outstanding Enterprise with Remarkable Contribution in Shanghai Key Projects
Shanghai Enterprise with Customers' Satisfaction
Shanghai Excellent Construction Enterprise
Contract-abided& Promise-kept Enterprise
Shanghai Civilized Enterprise


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